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The liar is not just the one who lies but the one who has a hidden agenda. The one that has a hidden motive. The one that has desires opposite of what they say. The one who claims Jesus but their heart is far from Him. The one who says they are for you but they are only for themselves. The one that accepts Him in name but denies Him in word and in deed. 

The one who pretends to be but is not to be. The one who holds it all together but is totally separated. The one who confesses with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. The one who has a form of godliness but denies the power. The one who acts like peace, joy, and righteousness but is living in their own righteousness. Living in worldly peace and worldly joy. Telling you it’s the joy of the Lord.

Telling you it’s this or that but it’s counterfeit. Telling you it’s real but it’s fool’s gold. Looking clean on the outside but deceiving you because they are dirty on the inside. Deceiving you with a smile on the outside. Making you think what your seeing is of God. Looking holy on the outside but profane on the inside. Saying their father is Abraham but their father is the devil. Stoning the adulteress women as if they are not living in spiritual adultery themselves. Stoning and criticizing others even though there is a plank in their eye. 

Then you are fooled. Then you are deceived because you think they are who they say they are but they are not. Who do you say they are? Don’t fall for their lies. We need to know who is who and what is what, not by presentation but by discernment and bearing witness of the Spirit. Peter knew who Jesus was because the Father showed Him. He said who do you say that I am? He said you are the Christ. Jesus said it was my Father in heaven who revealed this to you and it is our Father in heaven that reveals the ones that say they are Christs but they are not. He said many will come in my name and say I am the Christ and will deceive many.

They say Yahweh and Yeshua like they are spiritually higher than you. They read all day and pray all day just so they can prove to you that they are His. Here comes the illusion of witchcraft, a spiritual smokescreen to throw off your discernment so that your spirit would not pick up the truth. Using their many motions and words to distract your mind and throw off your spirit. They will make you question yourself, questioning your discernment. Questioning why your spirit is picking up a lie when flesh says it is truth. Everything they do is to prove their identity, yet true sons are sons because they are born sons. Born again sons. Yet these sons are dead sons, sons of satan still acting alive. 

Seeking rest that they shall never find because their quest to prove what are lies as true is never-ending and always failing. This is the liar. The one that says this but means something else. The one that does that but is really doing something else in their heart. We get mad at those that tell a lie out of insecurities and lack of trust. Yet how about those that tell lies to deceive you? 

The ones that tell and preach lies to make money off of you? Those are the ones that really make the fury of God burn. They know what they do is wrong but it is all about gain to them. Gain is more important to them than deception. We’re not talking about people who mean well and speak, say, or do wrong things unintentionally. We’re talking about people that are willing to advance themselves no matter the cost, no matter if there are casualties. 

They will preach to you other doctrines and fables but they are telling you lies because they are not telling you the truth! They tell you they are preaching the Gospel but they are preaching another gospel. They preach to you the root of the Hebrews but not the roots of the tree of life. These are liars. They say they come from heaven but they only come from Earth! The devils believe and they tremble. Though they know the truth, they knowingly lie and come as angels of light. That’s a LIAR! To appear one way but really be something else deep down. They will speak truth for gain. They will lead you with the things of God but draw you to another kingdom.

Draw you to ministry but for ministry lust. Draw you to preach but really to lift up self. The devils don’t care if I speak and do things of God. All they care about is if you are deep down living for God or for yourself. If you’re living for yourself, they are happy because, at the end of the day, you are their minister. They can use you and abuse and manipulate you to manipulate them, and as they manipulate, more manipulators are created. 

Who is the liar? The one that is another person in their heart. The one that pretends and defends. The one that lies to themself about themself, that is the one that lies to everybody else. We need to be who we say that we are and say who we really are. Speak what’s really in our heart, not what we pretend is in our heart. We need to clean the cup on the inside first. We cannot fool God or rig the Kingdom like it’s a system. Some lie to God. Ananias and Sapphira did. They tried to rig the system but they forgot that God is not a system. He is a Spirit and He is the Spirit of Truth, and no lie can get past that Spirit. No man can fool God. Man can only fool man and themselves. God is not a man that He should lie. We need to be a man that we would not lie. 

By Joe Pinto

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