“Father, thank you for establishing your Church upon the Rock – the rock of the revelation of Jesus Christ. Thank you for keeping us fitted together in Him. Let all the Truth of heaven be spoken today! Father, make us as living stones. Help us to go deep in you today.” Have you ever said, “This person is my rock”? Have ever heard others say, “He (or she) is my rock”? Even the world uses this terminology. The world and the church make this statement very often. What does a rock have to do with this statement?

  • They really do not move.
  • They withstand almost everything that beats on them.
  • They are made in time through pressure and all the elements around.

Things that were made reveal things that were not made that would be Him, the creator. Things that were made help us to see things that were not seen, the spiritual. God uses rocks to help us to understand a spiritual matter. These start to be revealed right in front of our eyes by the Holy Spirit. The fresh revelation done by the Spirit turns that into sound doctrine. The elements of the Earth help us to understand the elements of the spiritual realm. The creation is used to understand the Creator. This is so fascinating, and in this, the carnal cannot understand the things of the Spirit because a man has not been spiritually born. This is why so-called professing Christians only understand things that are carnal. Remember, Jesus would say about them “You have eyes but cannot see, you have ears and you cannot hear”, but they had degrees. They had knowledge. They had the letter.

Remember, Jesus had to explain His parables before they were born again. This is why many of these denominations and doctrines are understood only by the carnal mind, they are foolishness unto them, but to us who are born of the Spirit, they help us to understand God. This is why a lot of religious folks do not understand you because they try to find God in a letter only. But it is written that by Him and through Him, all things were made for Him. So, we know Him, we see Him, and we follow Him when we are in Him. Jesus said He is the rock of salvation, the rock of offense, a rock to fall on, a rock to drink from, a rock to build on, and a rock that cannot be moved or shaken. Then it says And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.” Matthew 21:44 Many will be crushed because they choose the pride of man’s knowledge and worldly understanding.

There are three main types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Each of these rocks is formed by physical changes—such as melting, cooling, eroding, compacting, or deforming—that are part of the rock cycle. Sedimentary rocks are formed from pieces of other existing rock or organic material.

Who is Christ? The rock that Moses spoke about. Now, who does the Word say we are? Living stones fitting together with whom? The Rock. The chief cornerstone. Out of the rock came living rocks. God wants to turn us into living rocks or lively stones, fitly put together for Him and by Him! Anyone in Christ is part of that rock, a new creation – these are metaphors. Some rocks are formed from other rocks that become one rock. They are changed by heat pressure. God formed things and things keep being changed. Like water running down the mountains, the rock is being shaped, His living waters running down in us, washing over us and shaping us like Him. Rocks are changed by heat and pressure through the elements and things in the world so, we are being changed by people and things that occur in our own lives. God is forming you in Him. The rock of our salvation, our transformation. Being changed into the image of the original rock who is Christ. “Peter, upon this revelation I will build My church”… the revelation of THE ROCK. We are being formed into the same Rock.

God wants us to be the rock for our brothers when they are the ones being shaken. Rocks are hard and strong and heavy, and they do not move in elements! The bigger the rock, the heavier it is. Mountains are big rocks. People carve them out and live in them for shelter, protection, and safety! That is why David said, “I am hidden in the cleft of the rock. God hides me.” But God wants us to find protection in one another as you see in the creation of the forming of a rock. That is why love covers. If love covers, we should cover our brothers as well. Why do buildings fall? Because they are not set upon the rock or a sure foundation. They are not on the right foundation. Being in Him means to be in union or unity with one another. This is why God said if you hate your brother, you are none of His and that you do not have God. Many rocks being formed together make huge boulders that cannot be moved.

There is no other rock like God. Read 1 Samuel 2:1-2. The fleshly image of God is Jesus. Now the fleshly image of Christ is the Church. Read Exodus 33:21 and Numbers 24:21. Be hidden in Christ. Read Deuteronomy 32:13. Honey and oil coming out of the rock. How do you get oil and honey of the rock unless this is a work of God in us? Read Judges 13:19.

We must become one with the Rock – He - being the chief cornerstone. We must build and live upon this foundation. When storms come, when the shaking comes, we won’t be able to stand if we are not upon the Rock – the Word that became flesh. The Word is He that changes us into the image of God. I cannot hear anybody that does not talk about Christ. It must be revelation of who I am, what I have, and where I am going. But to get hold of this, I need to let my life go. Christ is to live and to live is Christ! We must know that real life begins when we begin to lose our lives! Those who are not hidden in Him will not be able to stand.

Ten thousand will fall around you but you won’t. You will endure the pressure. Why didn’t you move or go the wide way? Because you were established upon the Rock. There will be a mighty cloud of witnesses that stood upon the Rock. “Peter, Peter, you will need to endure the pressure.” So, everything we are going through, all the pressure, is to be formed to the Rock of all eternity – Christ. The Holy Spirit inside of me will help me with that if I am standing on His Word. Without being hidden in Him, we will be exposed. We must get honey, water, and oil out of the rock. We will be living stones. I don’t need fleshly encouragement. I need spiritual encouragement: I need to die so my brother can live. My brother needs to die so I can live. When I start to fall back, I need to find a rock – a brother to stand on to say he is my rock because he is fitly joined to the Rock. Sometimes, we try to remove people out of our lives because of offense or whatever, but they are still sitting there: they are like a rock, unmovable! We need to learn to go through the pressure of religion, easy gospel, saving ourselves, etc… Don’t ask Him, “Why?” anymore. Questioning ourselves is like doubting His power. Why shall the one who is being formed say, “Why have you formed me like this?” But say, “God, you are making me one with the Rock.”

Read Psalm 18:46. The book of Psalms is filled with this example about the rock. We know now who David was speaking of – Jesus! Jesus is all our rock, but God is wanting us to be one another’s rocks as well! Lord make us ONE ROCK! A boulder! No betrayal! No competition! No reveling! No offense! How? Through faith, hope, love, and trust!

Many have carved images and made their own graven images! But God said, “Make them not.” Let no man carve their own image of God or of the Word. The devil carves images of his own kingdom using his own worldly images, even carving his own images of idols of man in stones because he cannot create anything, so he carves counterfeits. Satan removes people out of the rock and starts carving his own image through false Christ and false doctrines. Satan falsely created so many religions and denominations carved with his own hands.

Before the foundation of the world, Christ and the Church was, He was. God is saying, “Anything apart from Me is just a counterfeit powerless image, and the only image that I designed was the image of Myself being manifested in you!” We worship the unseen – God – that created the seen so we can understand the unseen created by Him. Behold, His church! Deep calls to deep, but religion has nothing but imitation and fake news.

Even through David in the book of Samuel, we see the picture of Christ Jesus. The Lord is my rock! My fortress! My deliverer! David did not know but he was talking about Christ and His church! Read 2 Samuel 22. Salvation is not a place. Salvation is a person. Salvation is JESUS CHRIST. If you are in Christ, you are saved in Christ. You are not saved if you are not in Christ. Being one with Christ and with one another saves us from being deceived! He will save me from the storm, from the plagues, from the shaking, and from the tossing to and fro. The heavens will shake, but His people won’t be!

David said that He rewarded him according to David’s righteousness, but O God, thank you for rewarding me NOT according to my righteousness anymore but because of the righteousness in Christ. My righteousness is still filthy rags, but I am in Him! Some say, “How much can I know?” But I choose to say this: I choose to know nothing, but Christ crucified, the rock of my salvation!” Everything that was hidden from people in the Old Testament, now it is being revealed to His church!

Pressure is going to come. You need to choose to be like Christ. Hide upon Truth and in the Truth. They have fool’s gold! They have fool’s knowledge! Now it is the time! Let them worship one another, their doctrine, their denomination, themselves, but you choose today to have this Truth as your rock! God wants you to be THE WORD! Do you want to be it? So, you will be facing the pressure, the heat of His fire, that turns you into a ROCK!

Read Matthew 7:23-29. Many are doing a lot of things, but not because of Him. Many are doing a lot of things, but not in Him! They are not one with the Rock! Build your house in HIM! Jesus said, “Build in Me, through Me, by Me, build in Me, in My Word!” Elements of this earth will come in and will beat that house, but the house will not be shaken. The ones building on sand, culture, on the wisdom of this world, on politics, on all seven mountains of satan’s image, preserving their lives, and on religion are foolish! A fool will say, “I cannot leave father, mother, children, my career, my friends, my traditions, and on and on.” Any responsibility that turns you into a disability in the Body of Christ is not a responsibility that God wants you to have. Their building (life) is not connected to the cornerstone. Eventually, it will fall. The rock of the revelation of God was God’s master plan, even before the foundation of the world. We were created because of God’s plan for His church – His Bride. I tell you this: Before Abraham was, He was; so was the church. We will be part of this plan, or we will be separated from Him. Only by his blood are we made clean and one. Do not worship what He has created when there is only one who creates.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:3-5. We must be eating from the same spiritual meat and drink from the same rock! There is a spiritual rock! That spiritual rock is Christ. Read 1 Peter 2:7-9. For the disobedient, this big boulder became an offense. THE Rock! They stumble on the Word, this rock is offensive! But you are a living stone, chosen, a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, stumble not! Read Hebrews 12:27-29. The Word is the rock! This Word carves the image of God. The primitive church did not follow men, they followed Christ. Fall upon the rock, unless the rock will fall upon you and will crush you. When the Rock (the Word) falls, it will turn you into dust. Help us, Father, to fall upon you and become One with you. One doctrine. One power. One bride. One foundation. One. No more separation. In Him, we are hidden and protected. In Him, we will be raised up in the last day. So today, fall upon the rock, and don’t wait until the rock falls upon you and crushes you!

“And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.” Matthew 21:44

Can your brother say this to you? “You are my rock!” Are you standing when they can’t? Are they standing for you when you can’t? Who is your rock? The Word will shake what needs to be shaken so we can manifest a kingdom that cannot be removed, it cannot be shaken! This kingdom is God! Not the kingdom of your life, of this realm of creation, but the kingdom above all kingdoms! The rock that stands for eternity. There is no one like our God! We have received this kingdom! Let us get hold of grace so we can manifest Him. God is consuming us – the old man – that you can be seen as the image of Christ! Be found on the rock! God is building, wrapping, hiding you in the cleft of the rock, in Himself.

Do you see it? Do you understand? The enemy cannot make you give up because you are unmovable! One with that rock which is Christ! Who cares what people say? By this revelation we live. We put on Christ – the rock of our salvation! Father, in you I will live and have my being. We want to be One with the only One – the only firm foundation. We want to drink honey and water from the rock – The Word – The Truth! From that spiritual rock, today! We fall upon the Rock, today! Amen.

Shane Roessiger

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