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We all got saved because of the need for forgiveness, but as years go by, we start having a hard time releasing what we were saved by. I realized that one of the simplest things to do has become the hardest thing to do for some people, even more in these last days.  

How many times do I take offense? Zero times. How many times do I forgive in a day? Let’s see what Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 18:21-22: “Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.” That means every time! It does not matter how right you are and how deeply they hurt you! Do not ask, “How many times should you forgive?” If you already think like that, then you still need your mind to be changed.

Do not ask “How many times they are going to do this to me, they are going to hurt me, they are going to misuse me, they are going to embarrass me, they are going to ridicule me, they are going to disrespect me, they will be angry at me?” But instead of these questions tell yourself: “How many times will I forgive them? How many times do I forgive myself and others?” 70x7! No one is exempt from this commandment - Whether you are married 20 years or 2 years, you must forgive your spouses and everyone everytime, if you call yourself beloved and saved.

When you don’t release forgiveness, you don’t release the cross. Jesus did not tell us to worship His forgiveness or to worship what He did. When we do what He did, that is true worship! When we worship Him is when we obey Him! He is the Word - the example - made flesh! Religion worships what He did for us and stops there! The remnant worships in Spirit and in Truth (in Word and in deed)! This is true worship with the living sacrifice. The Bible does not get exhausted! We cannot get exhausted. How many times a day? Every time. We must let all trespasses go and forgive every single time! When you forgive someone, you release them. You let them off the hook. You waive your right and release grace that you may continue in grace. The power of the cross is the power of forgiveness. Forgiving others in a believer’s life is extraordinary! The power of the CROSS manifests the kingdom of God. We are bond slaves to His word so our rights are not ours anymore, this way we can be free and live free! Forgiveness not only releases them but you.   

Read Matthew 6:9-15. The Word tells us to release them. Don’t hold onto any debts. The benefits of the kingdom come from the King. Joy, peace, and righteousness only come when we bow to the King! Many say that they have forgiven them! But truly it’s a lie! Or God is a liar! Knowing and just saying I forgive is not at all enough! So, what do we do? We do not hold someone’s past against them! Release, let go, give it to God. Love in Truth and see the kingdom come. We love them with all our heart! You give up totally whatever bothers you and how you feel. Turn what was once personal, about you and make it all about HIM, the owner who paid it all! We never know when someone is crying out to be changed, crying out to God to be better and not make the same mistakes, but we put some judgment on them when we don’t forgive them. 

We must nail it to the cross. No one is perfect. Not me. Not you. So, when we do not forgive, we give up the kingdom of God and become our own god. Read Matthew 16:23-25. When we expect people to change on our watch and in our timing, we become a god! The same prison you put others in will be the one you are putting yourself in! When you want to hold others accountable for their actions, you will be held accountable for all your actions present and past! According to the Word, forgive and you will be forgiven. Read Matthew 18:21-35 – God shows how wicked we are when we don’t show mercy to others; when we don’t release forgiveness to others considering we have received so much from Him. Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is all about forgiveness. So, the same forgiveness we release is the same kingdom we release. Bottom line - unforgiveness is pride! If you would only realize forgiveness is power, not weakness! Forgiveness is winning in the Spirit! Forgiveness is the thing that keeps you seeing rightly! Forgiveness is the thing that guards your heart! Forgiveness keeps you in righteousness and in a right mind! When you don’t forgive, you release yourself to the kingdom of torment and leave the kingdom of God. When you don’t forgive people, you stop loving God because you cannot love God without loving people, according to the Word.  

If you forgive, you must forgive from your heart, not from your mouth only. The Word does not say, “Wait until they ask you for forgiveness.” “Wait until you feel like releasing forgiveness.“ It says let forgiveness come out from your heart! This is not a one-time thing at the salvation prayer. This is a lifestyle of His kingdom come and His will be done. This is major – a must-have fruit. Something that costs so much can so easily be given away! One offense, one thing, can get you in the flesh and out of the Spirit! Fast forgiveness gets you right back in POWER! Forgiveness is the power over darkness.  

This is why satan works so hard to keep you justifying yourself or your way, so he can yank you out of the kingdom of God and put you in a spiritual prison. Satan wants you to meditate on, “he said, she said, he did, she did…” Then the other asks himself: “Will this be it? Will we be in hell again because someone seeks perfection, seeks their own redemption, seeks justice, seeks their own righteousness?” You need to see the forces working all around trying to get you to take the bait of your own justice and your own righteousness! In one moment of time, one moment of pride, one moment of rebellion, satan can remove you out! As you focus on what he said, she said, he did, she did, you walk right into the prison of your own making, of your own self-justification, and of your own self-righteousness! You become blind to the enemy’s devices!

Someone says, “Give me some time.” God says, “No time.” We are one as a Body in Christ so when you decide to not forgive, to live by your own time, you will affect the Body! What happens in the Body or out of the Body will still affect the Body you are connected to! A day, a night, an hour in a day that you will not pick up your cross, then your life changes, and someone’s life changes! Everyone is affected. This is why Jesus says in Matthew 5:30 that if our right-hand causes us to sin, we better cut it off – it is better to lose a whole hand than the whole body. This is so crucial!  We need to just do it because we love Him so, so, so much!

Do not give yourself a chance to disobey God’s Word! When you repent of your wrongdoings, that shows you love Him! Do we sin? Yes! Do we get angry? Yes. Do we make mistakes? Yes! But one thing we cannot do is get a dirty heart. Keep it clean! Don’t get your heart dirty. Forgive immediately.   

Read Ephesians 4:31-32. Forgive one another. We will not hold onto offense! “All the things I do are wrong!” Right. That’s why He died on the cross so we can be free and find forgiveness. To love is to give, to trust, and to overcome! Choice is the power! That’s the difference between doing things wrong in the kingdom and in religion! Religion will wait on its own righteousness! It will allow condemnation to wait on its own redemption or its own way! Our relationships become double-minded! To weigh love is to weigh the cost!  

Why did Jesus in Matthew 18: 23-34 say the kingdom of God is like a certain king who had two servants? One had all his debts forgiven, but this one that had all forgiven did not forgive the other one who owed him. So what Jesus is saying is that the kingdom of God is all about forgiveness. It is all about giving to others what Jesus gave to us. For to be offended is not worth the separation from my God! It is not worth feeling heavy, feeling tired, not caring anymore, and living in strife and hiding from the world! The blood is strong enough for me! So, we forgive, we forget, and we think on things above!

We are one! One day you will come to understand the spiritual world! How simple things are there for a reason! I fear the Lord! I think some have lost that and that becomes a very dangerous position! The Word is here to protect us and cover us! When one decides to live by their own word, by their own standards, or by their own way, then the Word is not protecting them! “You embarrassed me.” “You did this.” “You said this.” But thank God for the cross. That’s all called flesh and life: you must choose. But when they do this and do that! Will you be angry? Will you be offended? Will you forgive? That is the kingdom! I promise you will be embarrassed again! We are human as much as we try to be perfect! Sometimes we will just fall short! That is why we must forgive each other! Stop trying to fix the person and to come under the law. Just release it and them to God and let your peace remain, and grace will abound.

Read Luke 6:35-42 We must be merciful as God is merciful. Give forgiveness and more forgiveness will be given unto you. The problem is that we are expecting that to be given back to us, but it will come from God! Give love, forgiveness, and mercy, and God will give them back to us. I am giving my forgiveness because God gave me His. Because we know we need mercy and forgiveness, we release them to others! You may react to people’s imperfections, but do not take it into your heart! If you keep writing a list of wrongdoing, that will be your hell. But I will not live for pride! There is no other way to live but in Him! That is the issue – do not take record of wrong! But a record of love! That’s why I hate religion! It murders Jesus! Love never says it’s perfect. It just says it never fails! Forgiveness never fails. Always wins! It releases the kingdom of heaven. You cannot say I love God, but you don’t forgive. God is love! We want to look like Him until He perfects us. Forgiveness must be immediately. We just forgive 70x7!

We must be determined every day not to bring the failures of yesterday into today. We must come into each new morning knowing His mercies are new. So, you must give new mercy, too, so you won’t be a judge! All have sinned and have come short of perfection, of missing the mark! Don’t step out of joy, out of the kingdom of God. If you do, it is not their fault but yours. All you need to do is start to forgive 70x7!  

“Thank you, Father. I have sinned, and I have sinned in the past. I forgive everybody who has sinned against me. I release them today. I keep drinking your blood. I remember what you did for me on the cross and I will do the same for them!”

Shane Roessiger

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