I had to write this. I did not want to write this but this word is like a fire shut up in my bones, and it cannot be quenched! His fire is unquenchable. And it will have all of us or none! The Fire will not come into our lives if we only give it parts of ourselves. If we go into the fire but we hold back any part of ourselves from the fire, we will get burned. This Fire is a purifying Fire. It will scare out all the gators. Leviathan hates the fire because it cannot survive. The Fire was made to kill spirits like Leviathan. That's why we need the Fire to purify us, cleanse us, clean us, and separate us from everything that leviathan can stand on. Everything leviathan can swim in. And the thing we need to purify is our hearts and minds. Our mind is where leviathan likes to swim but our heart is what’s filling our minds with dirty canal swamp waters.

Yes, we need to resist leviathan in our mind, that twisted serpent, but really we need to drain out and shut off the valve that makes an environment for him – in our hearts! Our hearts are the foundation of our minds. Out of the heart proceeds evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witnesses, blasphemies: these are the things which defile a man (Matthew 15:19-20)! Out of the heart comes the issues of life! Out of the heart! The mind is only eating the food of what the heart is cooking. The mind is only eating the fruit of the root, the roots in our heart because out of the heart comes evil thoughts. Leviathan is king over the children of pride. He makes his throne in our hearts, selfish ambitions, evil motives, hidden agendas, selfish desires, selfish intentions – all pride! And our mind thinks according to these things in our hearts. Our heart is the preset to our mindsets. A lot of our mindsets are selfish and high-minded and heady because our heart is only after selfish things. What our heart is after, our mind will think on. Our vain thoughts and imaginations come from our vain ambitions. The vain things we have established in our hearts shall reign in our minds. 

Our heart is the throne to many of our thoughts. Some thoughts come from satan to tempt or cause division or discord, but then there are the thoughts that come from our own heart, not even just from satan! Sometimes we blame satan for the battles in our minds but sometimes it’s actually our own hearts forming a satanic storm in our minds. Then here we are casting down thoughts all day and night, taking blow after blow, resisting the devil but not realizing something in our heart has not submitted to God! Submit to God and the devil will flee. We keep trying to submit to God with our mind but never do it with our heart. God, I give this battle to you, this temptation to you, but yet you have never surrendered that thing in the heart that has become a generating machine in you of witchcraft over your mind. Rebellion is the sin of witchcraft. If you have rebellion in your heart, you will have witchcraft in your mind! Yes, even your own heart can put witchcraft on your mind if you never deal with it. The devil could never beat Jesus in the desert with temptation because He could not find a place in Him, but many of us lose time after time in temptation because why? The Bible actually says every man is tempted when he is drawn away by his OWN lust and enticed (James 1:14)! Enticed by what? Your own heart! What’s in your heart? Remember, out of the heart comes these things!

These are where the doorways to leviathan are. Leviathan is vain in his thinking. Always thinking for its own benefit, what its own heart wants. When it goes on to explain leviathan in the book of Job, it’s actually even deeper. It’s actually also describing what a man looks like that is under leviathan. Why? Because Job was actually under leviathan! Questioning God, starting to think other thoughts about God, and thinking impure thoughts even about himself – this is Leviathan! Leviathan takes us out from a sound mind! And why was Job doing this? Because of the pride in his heart, exalting his works as the reason why this should not be happening and that he was being treated unjustly. But Job started to see the situation and God and how he thought God should operate according to his own eyes, according to his own righteousness, but really through his own impure heart. And always getting a twisted view of what things and God actually are because of self-righteousness and pride in the heart, his eyes changing into the eyes of leviathan because of his heart. These things in our hearts need to come out or else they will flow from our hearts to our eyes, and we will always see through our self-righteousness and pride!

Where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. What we are living for, what we desire, what the eyes of our heart are set on, our mind will set up the way we should go according to our hearts. Leviathan will twist our thinking and twist our perception of reality according to what our heart wants. The pure in heart shall see God! But the impure in heart will see what leviathan wants it to see. If we have a pure heart, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free because we can see it. Though if our heart is impure, the lies of leviathan will blind our eyes. There’s a foothold in our hearts blinding our sight! We have to stop fighting leviathan on a surface level and get to the heart of the matter. If we are always under leviathan in our mind, that means our heart may be contaminated in some way, and leviathan loves to swim (gators love to swim) in murky contaminated waters. We need to rend our hearts and He will rend the heavens. We need to clean the inside of the cup and not just the outside of the cup, and He will fill our cup! 

Even some reading this right now will say, “Oh, that’s not me,” but then they are tormented day and night by thoughts that always turn out not to be true. Leviathan will even use the truth to twist your perception of life and reality. Leviathan will even use truth to twist your perception of the Truth, the Way, the Life, Jesus Christ. If we let leviathan use knowledge of things to keep us from seeing the bigger picture of the knowledge of God and the Truth that sets free, we will never see. We will be the blind leading the blind into a ditch, saying we can see, therefore keeping ourselves blind. That’s pride when we’re blind but we still say we can see! Remember, it says leviathan’s scales are his pride and they are shut up so tight that no fresh air can get in. The breath of God, the breath on our eyes can’t get in because of the scales of pride on our eyes. When we see based on our own perception, that brings deception. Our own perception is deception! Our own eyes apart from God are still under the curse of Adam. The old man is supposed to be dead even with its eyes. We are meant to see through His eyes. Our eyes see through the eyes of sin but His eyes see what is righteous and pure. We can have His eyes today. Not the eyes of the Pharisees or leviathan but eyes of Fire that are purified!

Some people want to see the gold in everyone and stop being so critical but they don’t realize it’s the heart! “Why do I keep seeing my brother like this?” “Why do I keep fault-finding and looking for things in my brother?” Why do I keep seeing these things and believing the lies in my eyes, and then think it’s God showing them, but it’s actually not – it’s leviathan! It’s because out of the heart! The pure in heart shall see God; the impure in heart shall see lies. The eyes are connected to the heart. Some people see what they want to see. And when they can’t find anything, they try to trap you. They try to pull something out of you. Why? Because of jealousy, envy, and self-ambition. Leviathan wants to be the king of the forest, the king of the swamp, but I’m telling you, the Lion is roaring and every other beast in the forest will flee. The devil will flee. So many are seeing things through wounds and insecurity because their heart never healed, and they try to change their perception, but it’s their heart that needs to be healed. The heart needs to be rended to Him. The willingness in the heart needs to change. The heart will not change by itself, and God will not change it for you! You are the gardener of your heart. You need to tell your heart what’s going to stay and what’s going to go! You need to check your heart, search your heart, and choose to see the motives, the agendas, and the selfish desires, and put it on the altar and ask fire to come down and consume it.

We need to stop calling down fire on our enemies and start calling down fire on the enemies in our heart. Sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, the works of the flesh, and more – anything that isn't aligned with His word and will for your life. We are always trying to cut fruit and branches, but we need to start cutting roots! It’s the heart we need to change, not the body, not the appearance, not the way we speak, not turning the frown upside down but turning our heart into His Heart and that’s the start. We need to rend our heart not our garments. He will give us new garments when we allow Him to give us a new heart. New motives, agendas, and desires that align with His heart and purpose. I am crucified with Christ, and His life I shall now live. My life is dead and His Life is now my life. I have switched identities with Him and now I am His hands and feet on the earth. As He is in heaven, so we are on this earth. We put on Christ and make no provision for the flesh. Because the flesh is passing away and behold all the things have become new. This new man in Christ Jesus, one new man, us in Him and Him in us. In Him, we live, breathe, and have our new creation being. We are a spirit man inside the Spirit of God. I have to get in the Spirit to get out of the flesh. I will walk in my new creation spirit man when I walk in the Spirit because I am now in Him, and if I want to be the me that is in Him, I have to get in Him and follow Him.

Father, we break off the lies of leviathan that blind our eyes. We pluck our eyes out so that our whole body would not be tossed into the fiery furnace with it. We give up our eyes that you would give us single eyes and our whole body would be full of light. We make an exchange right now, Lord. We give up our eyes for your eyes. We put on Christ and put on His eyes. We trade our heart for His heart. I give you my motives, my agendas, my intentions, and my selfish ambition, anything that's not of you because I'm not living for me, I’m living for you! It’s You who lives and it’s me who’s dead. You are my beloved and my beloved is mine. I will not add my flesh to your flesh but I will kill my flesh that I may eat your flesh and I will have life. I don't need to struggle with my own flesh anymore because your flesh is my dinner. O, Father, we are tired of eating our own flesh but we now have yours! You are the bread of life! You are the bread that has come down from heaven. We eat this bread, your flesh, your life. You are my portion. My bread is leavened but Your bread is the unleavened bread! You are not just the Lord of my life; you are my life. I give you my heart and every deep part of it, Father. Do what you will with it. Make it pure that I may see you. 

By Joe Pinto

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